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How To Draw Anything A Complete Guide Angela Gair

How To Draw Anything A Complete Guide

Angela Gair

ISBN : 9781405454735
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 About the Book 

For many people, the idea of sitting down and creating a finished drawing is a daunting, if not impossible prospect. This complete guide to drawing reveals that if you can write your name, you already possess all the necessary skills to produce attractive and accomplished drawings. Once you can harness these skills and combine them with learning how to look at a subject, you will quickly gain in confidence and be able to turn your hand to drawing anything.Covering landscapes, buildings, animals, people, still lifes, and interiors, the stunning step-by-step projects demonstrate how to observe and put down the key elements in a drawing and then add detail and atmosphere. Each project incorporates vital elements of drawing theory — using line and tone, how to compose a picture, perspective, using and mixing colors, and much more — and shows their practical uses.One of the most important elements in creating good drawings is discovering the possibilities of your materials. Whether you like using traditional media such as pencils or felt-tip pens, the projects incorporate every type of drawing material. They also show how you can experiment with materials and combine them to produce unusual and effective results.By following the clear, detailed instructions, and matching the wide variety of illustrations, you will soon learn how to draw anything.Angela Gair is a painter, writer and editor who spent several years painting and teaching in Europe. She is the author of a number of practical art books including The Artists Manual and The Watercolor Painters Question & Answer Book.