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O Jerusalem! Dominique Lapierre

O Jerusalem!

Dominique Lapierre

Published March 1st 2013
ISBN : 9781441713889
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 About the Book 

One of the most beautifully written book on Israel Palestine conflict ever!This book won my heart!It was so comprehensive and surprisingly very very neutral!It is so detailed and meticulous: It can be a textbook for any class on this subject any given day!This book details the foundation of the great state of Israel and unlike many books written on the subject:Remains as objective and neutral as possible,the flow is very smooth,it feels like youre reading a thriller novel when you read it:)I could not put it down once I started reading it,and to my surprise it was over in less than 2 days despite its massive size,many books on the issue of Israel vs Palestine are either too partisan,too biased,one sided or even if they are neutral,they tend to be boring when neutral in my experience!(And I have read over 200 books on Israel and Palestine encompassing both point of views to this date!)I highly recommend this book,reading this book made me really happy and informed on the issue.Please read:)