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Evyngard (#1) E.A.A. Vollen

Evyngard (#1)

E.A.A. Vollen

Kindle Edition
252 pages
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 About the Book 

Arthal is the future king of Auduirith. As hisfather Lord Melithitryn before him had crafteda sword. This sword was created 620 years beforeArthals birth. Arthal being of elven and dragonborn must obtain the sword.Arthals uncle is looking for the swordas well. For he wants the sword to undo what hisbrother has done, when Melithitryn killed his fatherabout 600 years ago.Arthal our hero, must face challenges that cometo pass by each day in order for him to become theking, as his father before him. On his journey he meetscompanions and falls in love with a beautiful elvenwarrior. Arthal also faces many conflicts whilstthe realm of Ev├Żngard is being torn apart.Will Arthal protect what his father has undone 600years ago? Or will his uncle destroy the realm?